New Projects coming on EMCEE Recordings


I will have a few projects released this year on EMCEE Recordings. I've got a Drum and Bass EP in the works, which is something I've always wanted to create. There should be a few special guest vocalists as well. More info soon.

I'll also be relasing a followup to my Undertones EP, which will feature even more great singers in the Soul / Hip Hop genre. Follow me on Twitter for the latest on my official releases.

EP Release coming soon


Sup, my new EP will be releasing soon through EMCEE Recordings, and I'm featuring some very great talent from the UK - a mix of veterans and up and comers: Dynamite MC, Riya, Rico & Crystal. As some of you know, I also make Drum & Bass, and I actually intend on releasing more DNB in the future.

The EP will have 4 tracks by myself, along with a video that is being shot in early May by the very talented Tim Mannle a.k.a. DJ Creative a.k.a. TBM Photography. The video is for the song featuring Riya, who will be in NYC next month for the shoot.

Project With Riya (Riya @ Soundcloud)


RiyaI Have a special project in the works with Riya from the UK. It's mostly a Hip Hop/Neo/Soul Collab, with a hint of DNB, and I can't wait to share it with you guys.

For those of you who aren't familiar, Riya has been making some major waves in the DNB world with her collabs with artists such as Lenzman, Total Science, Marcus Intalex, Zero T & more. Not just an amazing vocalist with a sultry timbre, Riya brings real emotion and experience lyrically, giving songs a depth and human connection lacking in today's quick turn around industry.

MJ Mixtape w/ DJ Cue Two (@djcuetwo)


As some of you are aware, I was working on a MJ Mixtape with DJ Cue Two. It's since been postponed but will still be completed at somepoint. You all will be the first to know.